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Beginners welcome

We practice traditional Japanese sword in Nottingham and Derby. We are open to new members, experienced or not.  At our dojo (club) we emphasise the importance of correct body movement and technique along with good etiquette. This helps to make for strong, effective and dynamic Iaido. This is something that you may not find elsewhere.

It is not our policy that the individual practices this art exclusively, we ask is that you have a genuine interest and that you would like to learn a classical Japanese martial art that is a "koryu" (old school ways and traditions) at a dojo that is run along traditional lines.

Please note that we will only accept students that are above 18 years old.

Membership required

We are a not for profit dojo (club) and not a business. We are serious practitioners of the Japanese sword arts, and enjoy training and passing on knowledge and information to our members. With this in mind we aim to keep training fees and membership fees low.

All lessons are £10.00. As we are an enthusiast's club we don't have card processing facilities so please bring cash to the lesson. After your first lesson you will need to be a member to continue training. 

Membership is £20 per year. To see if you are eligible for reduced rates please call Steve or John using numbers on this page (call only for rates not email).


You also get membership to a recognised

governing body and insurance

Training time and place

We train at Samworth Academy (NUSA), Bramhall Road, Bilborough, Nottingham, NG8 4HY. 


We train on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings. On Thursdays we train for two hours; from 7.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m. On Saturdays we train for one and a half hours from 10.30 a.m. to midday.  


We also have a dojo in the Chester Green area of Derby. Currently classes are every Monday between 7 p.m and 9 p.m. Click here  for the dedicated Derby dojo website, which includes any updates or changes that might be made to the training schedule at that venue.


​Register at the club location you want to train regularly at. 


Above 18 years old only 


NUSA: Steven on 07952 982531.

Derby:  John on 07789 760704

Contact Us

We train at Samworth Academy (NUSA), Bramhall Road. Bilborough, Nottingham, NG8 4HY.


John on 07789 760704

Steven on 07952 982531

Training on Mondays at Derby details can be found by telephoning John on 07789 760704

Click here for the website.

About Us

Welcome to the Shoshinkan Dojo

A school for classical Japanese swordsmanship training in the Nottingham and Derby areas, practising the MJER style.

Beginners and experienced students are welcome.

Our dojo (club) was originally formed two decades ago and is well established. It came into being when a number of martial artists came together in order to practice Iaido / Iai Jutsu. It was decided from its inception that the dojo would be run by and for its members. This in turn encouraged an ethos of positive practice and mutual respect, regardless of gender, age or ability. This is an approach that has worked effectively over the years as existing members remain and new membership grows.

Please note that we only accept students 18 years of age and above.

The style or school of Iaido that we teach and practice is Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu, sometimes abbreviated to MJER. At present the person whose teachings we follow is Iwata Norikazu Sensei. Our club or dojo name is Shoshinkan. The Shoshinkan Dojo may be seen as unusual or perhaps rare in that it is the only one in the Nottingham / Derby area that offers more than just one training session per week in an authentic Japanese sword art that has one of the oldest lineages.

This, together with an absence of any martial arts political agenda of any kind at the club, means that correct emphasis may be placed on the following; the art, its methods and teachings, the practice and the student together in unison. This then enables the student, with help and guidance, to focus on serious practice and personal development through their own efforts in a very rewarding and enjoyable way. For newcomers to the martial arts the art of Iaido is also known by the following other names: Iai Jutsu, Batto Do, Batto Jutsu and occasionally just Iai. At the Shoshinkan Iai Jutsu Kai (clubs) we use the two terms Iaido as well as Iai Jutsu in order to describe ourselves and our martial arts activity.

Dojo / Emblem

Our dojo emblem / mon is designed to represent perserverence and courage, as the plum flower endures a hard winter and is the first flower to blossom in the spring. Each one of the emblem's five petals represent the universal elements of earth, water, fire, wind and sky / void. Its outer circle is based on a Japanese Zen Buddhist enso.


Our dojo's name is Shoshinkan. The word "shoshin" means "beginner's mind", and refers to having an open mind to learning, being non-judgemental and being without preconceived ideas, like that of a beginner. It is a term used in Japanese martial arts and Zen Buddhism. "Shoshin" may further be summed up by the following quote from S. Suzuki Sensei, a Zen master of the Soto school:


"In the mind of the beginner, there are many possibilities. In the mind of the expert, there are few."


The word "kan" in this instance is referring to a martial arts dojo. 

Zen Nippon Kobudo Kai

We are a branch of the Shoshinkan Iaido group that is based in Nottingham, who meet up periodically for Kobudo practice. Kobudo

means the way of weapons. All current members of the Shoshinkan dojo that have been in regular attendance at the Iaido classes are welcome to participate, provided they have the correct clothing and equipment. Please ask instructors before purchasing any training items to ensure that they meet the correct training requirements.


Sessions are held on the first Thursday of each month with a refresher session held sometime in between. This is usually added at the end of the Iaido class on Thursday evening. This all comes together with a prolonged Kobudo practice every four months or so, lasting around three hours, to be held on a Saturday at NUSA.

Kobudo practice sessions are only available to members of our Iaido club. If you wish to participate you will need to become a member of the Shoshinkan Iaido Dojo and be 18 years old and above.


Currently we practice Ni Tan Ichi Ryu (two swords) jodo (way of the staff).



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