required for training

There is an official dojo (club) uniform.  Once you become a member you have ten weeks to acquire the uniform, but to begin with all you need is comfortable loose fitting clothing. We practice in bare feet, so no footwear is required.

The uniform is mainly black, with keikogi, black hakama and obi.  So what are these?

Keikogi means "practice top".  It is a mid length sleeved kimono style top that closes over the front with a belt (the obi).  Our dojo has its own emblem to be worn on the left breast of the keikogi. The keikogi comes down to about mid thigh, and the wide split trousers, the hakama, pull up over the keikogi. See the pictures below.

Before purchasing any items please ask the instructor for guidance - we'll also cover equipment needed in more detail during lessons.

A bokken is a wooden practice sword, which will be needed initially as a beginner during lessons. If you have your own bokken, please bring that along.

If you do not have a bokken, we will loan you one initially for the first 4 lessons. After this, it is expected of you to buy your own. Please ask the advice of your instructor before buying one, and  about the accessories needed for its correct use. Should you require to borrow a bokken for use during lessons, please ensure you call John on 07789 760704 or Steven on 07952 982531, so that provision can be made for you.If you are already an experienced Iaidoka and have your own iaito, please also call to discuss the type of Iaito you use to practise with. Our Dojo welcomes adult students ( 18 years + ) of all levels of experience.

A typical Shoshinkan Iaido student wearing traditional clothing for practice as described above: